The Decrypter Series – The  Calla Cress Technothrillers

She’s a female James Bond with a Matrix twist.  Using her knack for history and technology, she bands with two faithful friends and is thrown into a dangerous journey of cyber espionage investigating the criminal, the unexplained, the scientific and the downright unthinkable.  The books can be enjoyed individually, or in order.


The Shadow Files Thrillers

Intelligent women caught in the crossfire between technology, science, politics, international espionage and the men who drag them there.


The Nash Shields – KJ- 20 Ops Prodigal Series

Coming Soon… 

Nash Shields left home to join the Marines and soon the NSA recruited him. Shortly before he met the Calla Cress, the Decrypter, he had a heck of a lot of lawlessness to deal with.


The Money Hunter Series

Coming Soon