The Nash Shields Thrillers

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Nash Shields left home to join the Marines, and soon the NSA recruited him.  Shortly before he met the Decrypter, he had a heck of a lot of lawlessness to deal with. This is his story.


Get ready for a wild ride with Nash Shields, a skilled agent recruited by the NSA’s secret KJ20-Ops group. In Book 1,  Man Out of Time, Nash is thrown into a mission to secure a valuable pod containing Helium 3, a rare isotope with the power to fuel clean fusion plants. But as he fights to contain the pod and uncover the truth about its origins, Nash discovers that these missions are unlike any he has faced before. Alongside his colleagues and his girlfriend, an operative and curator at the British Museum, Nash must retrieve dangerous technologies from the wrong hands and confront a mysterious power that threatens to destroy them all.

Book 2, Fallen Game, takes Nash on a thrilling adventure as he navigates a treacherous and secretive environment. Nash is asked to spy on a medical researcher named Leal Trelles, who has recently undergone facial animation surgery and is suspected of hiding big secrets. But as Nash and Leal become close, it is revealed that Leal has discovered a 300-year-old human and has created a longevity treatment that halts aging. This technology is coveted by evil forces, who will stop at nothing to steal it. Nash must decide where his loyalty lies and if he will become a fully-fledged member of the KJ20 Ops group.

In Book 3, Project Horizon, Nash stumbles upon an abandoned file in a long-closed section of the NSA, he uncovers information that could change everything he thought he knew about his job. The file contains blueprints for future parallel universe infiltration, technology worth billions, and with the potential to cause catastrophic glitches. Nash must retrieve this technology before it falls into the wrong hands, even if it means teaming up with someone from his past.

Book 4, Against the World, takes Nash on a heart-pounding tale of love, loyalty, and survival. As Nash navigates the treacherous and secretive world of special ops, he begins to question the morals of his missions and the practices of his superiors. When a powerful organization threatens the woman he loves, Nash makes the difficult decision to leave KJ20 Ops and go on the run with her. Together, they flee to Nash’s hideaway mansion in the Colorado mountains, where they hope to lay low and escape the reach of their pursuers. But their enemies are relentless, and they soon discover that someone is onto them, desperate to exploit Calla’s unique code-breaking abilities and physical strength, which are enhanced by her possession of rare genes no human is known to have.

Join Nash Shields on a thrilling journey of action, suspense, and intrigue as he fights to save the world and protect the ones he loves. These books are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing until the very end.

Books in Order

Book 1: Man Out Of Time

Book 2: Fallen Game

Book 3: Project Horizon

Book 4: Against The World