Fallen Game

The Nash Shields Thrillers: Book 2

Coming soon.

Nash Shields is a tough agent recruited by the NSA’s secret KJ20 – Ops group. As he navigates the tough and secretive environment of his new job, Nash is asked to spy on a medical researcher named Leal Trelles, who has recently undergone facial animation surgery and is suspected of hiding big secrets.

Despite being asked to spy on his new friend, Nash refuses to judge Leal and the two become close. It is revealed that Leal has discovered a man who has lived for 300 years and has created a longevity treatment that halts aging. This technology is coveted by evil forces, who will stop at nothing to steal it.

When the technology is stolen and ends up in the hands of Kumar Enterprises on the black Internet market, Nash risks everything to help his friend and prevent the technology from falling into the wrong hands. In the process, Nash must decide where his loyalty lies and if he will become a fully-fledged member of the KJ20 Ops group.

In this thrilling tale of friendship, loyalty, and high-stakes espionage, Nash must decide where his loyalties lie and if he will become a KJ20 op as he fights to save his friend and prevent Leal’s technology from falling into the wrong hands.”