The Human Resource

( A Shadow Files Thriller: Book 3)

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As AI threatens to overshadow human achievement, she strives to uncover what truly separates man from machine..

Vienne Washington seems destined for a sleepy life—that is, until her father dies under mysterious circumstances as CEO in the ranks of ALTUS TECH Corporation’s elite. His passing sparks Vienne’s crusade for justice, pulling her into a dangerous war against Chief Operating Officer Seth Cadrum and his ambitions.

When Vienne’s childhood friend Keil Stone resurfaces, they reluctantly join forces to investigate the tech titan’s clandestine activities. But their probe soon reveals an insidious program—one Vienne’s own parents developed.

With the clock ticking, Vienne and Keil scramble to uncover the shocking truth behind Project Neurosynth and shut down the technology before Cadrum can unleash it upon the world.

Pitting her courage against the corporation’s sprawling influence, Vienne transforms from naive academic to fierce warrior. But exposing ALTUS’s twisted experiments will require the ultimate sacrifice—one that could cost Vienne everything.

Can she dismantle Cadrum’s sadistic network in time? Or will he deploy Neurosynth to unleash chaos on a global scale?

Deception and danger await on every dark corner of the tech industry’s rotting core. Corporate corruption and lust for power drive this high-stakes thriller set in the complex intersection of unbridled ambition and advanced technology.

Fans of fast-paced speculative fiction will be hooked by The Human Resource’s intricate mystery, high-tech thrills, unlikely alliances, and resilient protagonist. Vienne’s relentless crusade for truth and justice will keep you racing towards the shocking revelations lurking in the tech industry’s shadows.

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