The Decrypter and the Beale Ciphers (A Calla Cress Technothriller)

*** The sixth book in the explosive bestselling technothriller series ***
“A female James Bond with a Matrix twist.” Amazon Reviewer

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Some secrets are too dangerous to know

Artifacts handler. Codebreaker. Government agent.

Two hundred years ago, Thomas J. Beale hid a treasure and wrote a cipher that has been unbreakable until today…that is until Calla Cress starts to read it. Now, some secrets are too dangerous to know.

Nursing a past loss and failure, artifacts handler, codebreaker, and government agent, Calla Cress is framed for the disappearance and murder of the ISTF spy agency’s Chief of technology and science, her best friend, Jack Kleve.

All is not as it seems. When she’s discredited and forced on the run, she travels to the African continent to find secrets her murdered friend wanted hidden, only to discover someone very dangerous betrayed him and is out for blood.

Now she must follow Jack’s clues and an uncertain trail that leads her deeper into the dark territories of a vengeful enemy who will unleash hell on Earth, and has a dangerous plan for the Beale Ciphers unless she stops him. And wait, all before her government finds and prosecutes her.

What Amazon readers say about the Calla Cress, Decrypter series:

“Takes you on a ride and refuses to let you off until you reach the very end.”

“A brilliant read! I recommend this to anyone who enjoys mystery, suspense, thrillers, or action novels. The detail is astounding! The historical references, location descriptions, references to technology, cryptography… this author really knows her stuff.”

“An action-packed adventure, technothrillers across several continents like a Jason Bourne or James Bond movie, but with an actual storyline!”

“Brilliantly written. I loved the very descriptive side, which was a good way of visualizing and getting to terms with each new place, as the action takes place in several different countries.”